MvC: Infinite | Series 1

Posted by Evaun on April 01, 2017
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Fan Art for the much anticipated Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite (2017?) done in Watercolor on Strathmore bristol board (appx. 12 X 18):

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Bloodshot & Ninjak

Posted by Evaun on January 27, 2017
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Fan art splash of Bloodshot & Ninjak from Valiant comics. Done in gouache and airbrush (10×14).

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Street Fighter Fan Commission

Posted by Evaun on November 07, 2016
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A commissioned painting done in watercolor & airbrush. Strathmore 4 ply (11 X 17).

Sky Pilot Cover

Posted by Evaun on November 02, 2016
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My digital cover for the indie comic book series “Sky Pilot” (2015). Written by Melissa Tittl and illustrated by Rodney Conley.

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Rough Color Sketches

Posted by Evaun on October 26, 2016
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Various color sketch ideas. Working sizes are approximately 5.5 X 8″. Pencil, Marker, and finished in Corel Painter X.

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Secret Universe

Posted by Evaun on October 26, 2016
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I recently finished up a fan fiction comic that I started years ago but never finished. Its written and pencil illustrated by me, primarily to showcase and extend my portfolio. After the link is a short overview commentary of the script. You can explore this as “back matter” if you like, as I try to breakdown the goals of the plot as simply as I could. Overall, the lettering is rough and pencils are a few years dated but I wanted to post something that comes from my own fandom, for both the game series and the community.

<Click on the image to read the comic>

This isn’t just a Marvel vs. Capcom fan fiction, its more specifically a MvC2 fanfic that is inspired by the way the game was being played in the fighting game community. To elaborate, out of the 56 characters in the roster, only 10-12 were tournament contenders (most of which are Marvel) and eventually only 4 characters were top tiers to win: Cable, Storm, Magneto and the most powerful, Sentinel. Some of you probably know this already.

Thats the dramatic idea for this whole plot: How can the underdog characters (which are mostly Capcom) take down the powers that be? Its a love letter to MvC2 fans, especially for the players that wanted to win with crappy characters like Jin or Tron but couldn’t without a Sentinel on their team. This is a story for them, done as a hardcore Nolan reboot… lol.

Even though the plot is based on the tier list of MvC2, Im still trying to keep intact every character’s origin, or at least the spirit of it. Its probably an odd thing having Cable as a Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., but I wanted him in a big position of power. Out of the four gods, Cable effortlessly neutralized the entire cast with his overpowered (Air) Hyper Viper Beam gun super. He literally leveled the playing field, making half of the roster combination strategies obsolete. I figured putting him in charge of a government’s major weapons division was a fitting place for him in the storyline.

In simple contexts of their origins, Jin, Mega Man and Tron Bonne are all from separate worlds of the future. Jin comes from an era of giant robot wars, so in the spirit of Cable’s pop culture inspiration, I decided to do another Terminator rip, putting Sentinel as the danger between Cable’s apocalyptic future and his own. With a cast of time travelers that find themselves in the present, I didn’t want to change their origin, but I did gloss over the hows and whys. Again, only MvC2 fans will really get why its imperative for these characters to have a Sentinel on their side, but I hope for casual sake, robots hunting robots from the future will be generally entertaining.

Finally we have a new Sentinel weapon bridging the dramatic tension between multiple universes. In the game, the MvC2 Sentinel build was so damn powerful.  Some might consider him a programming anomaly. Every year from 2000 to 2005 players found a new glitch to add to his move set that made him nearly broken. I think the only reason he wasn’t banned was because these glitches were very difficult to perform and not always consistent. This puts him at the center point of this story’s bigger picture.

The rest of the story was just me having fun. I try to keep things grounded and semi-real world based. But the ending still tries to allude to how the roster was evolving in the competitive scene; how gameplay creativity was still restricted by the prowess of certain characters. For example, Captain Commando as a stand alone couldn’t put up much of a fight but his Corridor-assist was the most critical in the game. Depending on who’s side he’s on is a game changer for all opposing forces.

The Art Style: I wanted to universalize all elements, including Capcom’s more anime-ish characters, for a mainstream American comic book audience. It was a challenge to re-visulaize Mega Man and Tron Bonne in the Marvel comics universe, but I wanted there to be a consistent design flow. In hindsight, it might have worked just the same to have a future robot in spandex and anime face but I enjoyed exploring a new look.

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Cover Concepts | VALIANT

Posted by Evaun on September 17, 2016
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Rough sketch fan art for Valiant Comics: War Mother (4001 A.D.) and Imperium.

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Thule Storyboards

Posted by Evaun on August 30, 2016
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Sample storyboards I did for an AFI short film called “Thule” (2011). Evaun Wallington - Credited.


MECH MAJOR | Valiant

Posted by Evaun on August 08, 2016
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Fan art of Mech Major a.k.a. ‘Sunlight On Snow’  from Valiant Comics. Watercolor on Strathmore 14 x 11″

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Màhvel à trois

Posted by Evaun on July 26, 2016
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A gouache painting of the Morrigan/Doom shell from UMvC3 (11″ X 15.75″).

I originally illustrated this as a comedic homage to all the players that brave carpal tunnel and main this team. Pro player Chris G showed it’s winning potential from very early on and his hard work finally paid off. Congrats to him on winning the 2016 Evo championship! The image is spoofed from a promo photo for the 1994 film ‘Color of Night’, starring Bruce Willis and Jane March.

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